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Swords & Summoners 2.8.1 APK

Download Swords & Summoners 2.8.1 Mod APK

Swords Summoners 2.8.1 APK

KolamGame – Swords & Summoners
Did I just witness the ritual that fuses human and beast?
They used souls as ingredients of the contract.
Then they absorbed the beast’s souls.
That way, they can control the beast’s power.
What on earth was that!?
Fragments of memories were going around my mind.
Someone told me about a mysterious continent.
I am going to meet someone as the destiny foretold.
A battle that can break the wheel of fate awaits us.
I am not powerful enough.
A contract is to be signed to tighten our bond.
It is time to set out on our adventure.
Are you ready?
Devour the souls of your beast to defeat formidable enemies with human and beast powers combined! You can order your beast to rip the enemies apart, or use their skills yourself!
The battle that can break the wheel of fate awaits you and your partner. Find the destined rings, build an ever-lasting bond, and unlock exclusive skills to reshape the world!
Challenge the legendary warriors in the tower to devour their souls, which in turns can fully tap your combat potential!
Disguise yourself in battle with a wide variety of cosmetics, including attire, weapons, wings, trail, and more! Create your own style!
Fixed an issue where the language cannot be changed.

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